Consumer Life Skills (Consumer Decision Making)

Contacts for more information:

CDM Coach- Mrs. Jessi Downing at

Mrs. Laura Petty- FCH Agent

Ms. Cassie Ferguson- 4-H Agent

The following is information for the 2020 contest, which was scheduled for April 20th, in Cleburne.  The 2021 information will be updated in January.

Description:  This contest is based on the skills of consumer observation, comparison, and the ability to make fact-based purchases.  The contest includes 6-8 classes of consumer products with each class containing 4 similar items and a situation statement, which provides criteria for the purchase.  Participants have 7 minutes to judge (or rank) each class.  The current Texas 4-H Consumer Decision Making Categories & Descriptions guide is used by contest officials to compile classes with the exception of mystery classes, which include consumer items that are not included in the current guide.  Each class is worth up to 50 points.  Intermediate and senior age participant are also expected to defend their purchases (reasons) to a panel of judges.

More Details:  Texas 4-H Consumer Education website: and D8 4-H Consumer Decision Making:

Date, Time & Location:  Monday, April 20, 8:30 am–1:00 pm, Cleburne

Registration:  Register on 4-H Connect between in March/April.  Cost is usually $10 per member, paid via credit card during registration on 4-H Connect.  Late entries will be permitted with an additional:

  • $20 late fee per 4-H’er up to 60 hours (Monday at noon) after the regular contest deadline
  • $50 late fee per 4-H’er after 60 hours, but up to the time of check-in on-site at an event

Age Divisions:  Age divisions are determined by a participant’s grade as of August 31, 2019:            Junior – grades 3-5 (must be at least 8 years old), Intermediate – grades 6-8 and Senior – grades 9-12.

Entries:  Participants are encouraged to be part of a team, which includes 3-4 members.  Individual entries are allowed if there are not enough individuals in the county to make up a team.  A county can only have a maximum of 2 individual entries per age division.  If there are 3 individuals wanting to judge in the same age division, they will be considered a team entry.  Juniors may move up to the Intermediate age division when participating on a team that has a true Intermediate (based upon grades listed above) on it. No one may move up to the Senior age division.  No individual may move down to a younger age division.

Teams per county:  A county may enter a maximum of 3 teams per age division in the district contest.

Classes:  Classes (except mystery) will be selected by the contest committee from current Texas 4-H Consumer Decision Making Categories & Descriptions guide.  Participants will have 7 minutes to judge each class.  Juniors and Intermediates will judge a total of 6 classes – 5 from the current guide and 1 mystery.  Senior participants will judge a total of 7 classes – 6 from the current guide and 1 mystery.  The following is a list of classes for the 2020 D8 contest:

Junior/Intermediate Senior
Wireless Portable Speakers Wireless Portable Speakers
Fitness Trackers Fitness Trackers
Tablets Tablets
Outdoor Equipment Outdoor Equipment (combo)
Headphones/Earbuds Headphones/Earbuds
Mystery Outdoor Backpacks

Class Placings:  Official placings and cuts will be determined by the contest committee.  Results will be posted on following the contest.  Class situations and officials will be posted to the D8 4-H website following the contest.

What to Bring:  Each participant will be provided a scan sheet, which they will use to record their placings.  Each participant will also be provided paper for notetaking.  Each participant will need to bring their own calculator, clipboard, manila folder, and at least 2, #2 pencils.  An example of the scan sheet and instructions are attached.

What Not to Bring:  No additional paper materials will be allowed in the judging area.  Talking and cell phones will not be permitted during the contest.

Reasons:  The reason classes will be determined by the contest committee and will be announced during orientation.  Juniors do not give reasons.  Intermediates will present 1 set of reasons and seniors will present oral reasons on 2 classes.  For seniors, the paper provided for notetaking and studying will not be allowed when presenting reasons.

Awards:  All teams compete for team and individual awards. The top 3 teams and top 5 individuals in each age division will receive awards.

Lunch will not be provided.  You are welcome to bring your own food or visit one of the nearby restaurants if you plan to stay for the Fashion contests.

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