4-H Leadership Opportunities

4-H Leadership Opportunities!

Are you a leader? If you positively influence and help others for a shared goal, you are a leader! Leaders aren’t just elected to an office or position. You can also be a member of committees, small groups and teams. You can develop your individual leadership skills by learning more about yourself and how you work with others. In the 4-H leadership project you will learn leadership principles, help plan 4-H programs, and recruit new members.

4-H leadership experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • 4-H club office
  • serving on committees
  • promoting the 4-H program to other youth
  • participation in county, district or state 4-H committees, councils, etc.

Leon County 4-H Council:

Members are consisted of: 4-H Club President & 2 4-H Club Council Delegates

4-H Council Officers are Voted by Current 4-H Council Members!

  • Application for 4-H Council OFFICER- Current Council Members, You will receive in an email from Ms. Cassie

Visit with your 4-H Club Manager before applying for the Leon County 4-H Council Positions.

Each Club is different in how they elect 4-H Council Members.

Application to apply for a 4-H Council DELEGATE Position (App Due May 15, 2020):

4-H Council Bylaws: Leon County 4-H Council Bylaws Amended 4-22-19

District 8 4-H Council Officer:


District_8_Council_Standing_Rules_amended_ June_2019

Texas 4-H Ambassador Opportunities: 

Texas 4-H Ambassadors

TX 4-H leadership Opportunities!



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