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Details about Leon County 4-H FCH Contest Opportunities see link below:

2018-19 4-H Clothing Project Opportunities 2-15-19

Details about Leon County 4-H County Roundup Contest & Entry Form:

Contests Consist of: Fashion & Interior Design, Photography, Public Speaking, Educational Presentation & Share-the-Fun

Leon County 4-H Roundup Contest 3/19

Details about D8 4-H FCH Contest Opportunities (For those that qualify from county contest):


Do you like to be creative in what you wear and the space around you?  The 4-H Fashion and Interior Design program is perfect for you.  In this project you can learn to design, construct and be a smart consumer when purchasing clothing and household items.   Have fun creating environmentally friendly projects while exploring careers in the fashion and interior design industries.  You can work on your own or with a group.

Design your project around the parts of the fashion and interior design that you enjoy, such as:

  • applying elements and principles of design
  • learn to operate a sewing machine
  • fabric science labs
  • fashion and interior design sketching
  • consumer buying skills
  • creating a storyboard for your designs
  • creating one of a kind items for home decorating
  • entrepreneurship
  • upcycling items for a new purpose

More resources:

Texas 4-H Fashion & Interior Design Web Link

D8 4-H Fashion & Interior Design Web Link

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