Hatching Eggs Virtual Program 3-2020- Flier PDF Version

Complete at Beginning of Program:

Participation Form- Please Fill Out So We Can Collect the #s of Participants! THANKS

Pre-Test – Please fill out at the beginning of the program

Week 1 Lessons: March 30 to April 5

Egg to Chick PPT- Trivia First Lesson (3/30/2020)

Experiment #1- Egg in a Bottle (4/2/2020)

Parts of an Egg & Experiment #1- Video- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B28CSv-YiKWq5p1RwZsjuX_KpD0xfsDw

Parts of an Egg PPT

Week 2 Lessons: April 6 to April 12

Video Lesson: Review Parts of an Egg, Chicken Breeds, & Observe Eggs @ Different Stages

Chicken Breeds 4-6-2020

Chicken Breed Fact Sheet

Handout- Parts of an Egg Fillable

Easter Egg Experiment Flier- 4-9-2020

Dyeing Eggs- Fun Experiment

Experiment #2- Disappearing Shell & Osmosis (4/9/2020)

Week 3 Lessons: April 13 to April 19

Video Lesson: Parts of a Chicken by Kendal Workman

Handout- Parts of a Chicken Fillable Version

Experiment #3- Egg Shell Strength (4/16/2020)

EGGS HATCH= April 19-21, 2020

Video Lesson: How to Raise Chickens by Kendal Workman

Complete at End of Program:


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