Major Shows


Livestock & Contest Entries MUST be Submitted through the County Extension Office if you are planning on competing through Leon County 4-H!

Fort Worth Entries & Money are DUE November 1, 2019

All OTHER Major Show Entries & Money are DUE November 15, 2019

Contact the Leon County Agrilife Extension Office for more questions!

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo- Entries DUE November 1, 2019

FWWSR Livestock Information Can Also Be Found Here:

FWSSR 2020 Livestock Premium List


FWSSR Contest Information Can Be Found Here Under “Competitions/Contests”:

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Contest Available:

Date of Event

Ag Mechanics 18-Jan-20
Ag Robotics 24-Jan-20
Art Contest
Beef Challenge 24-Jan-20
Calf Scramble Rodeo
Equine IQ 20-Jan-20
Equine Public Speaking 20-Jan-20
Fiddle Show Down 27-Jan
Texas MADE (Seniors ONLY) 19-Jan-20
Dairy Cattle Judging 19-Jan-20
Floriculture 31-Jan-20
Goat Judging 18-Jan-20
Horse Judging 8-Feb-20
Meat Judging 2-Feb-20
Range & Pasture Plant ID 25-Jan
Wildlife 20-Jan-20

Rodeo Houston- Entries DUE November 15, 2019

All information can also be found at:

Questions, Livestock Rules, Contest Rules & Other Information See: Rodeo Houston 2020_Exhibitor Handbook






Planning on Calf Scrambling?


Rodeo Houston

Contest Available:

Date of Event

Ag Product ID 19-Mar
Ag Robotics 18-Mar
Beef Quiz Bowl 6-Mar
Dairy Judging 21-Mar
Food Challenge 17-Mar
Floriculture 7-Mar
Horse Judging 9-Mar
Livestock Judging 16-Mar
Meat Judging 8-Mar
Nursery/Landscape 7-Mar
Poultry Judging 11-Mar
Range/Plant ID 6-Mar
Vet Science 18-Mar
Wildlife 14-Mar
Wool Judging 16-Mar
Ag Public Speaking 15-Mar
Ag Science Fair 8-Mar
Archery 3/14-15/2019
Poster Board
Video Competition
Young Guns Shooting Sports February 28-29
Ag Mechanics March 20-22

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo- Entries DUE November 15, 2019

Information on Contest & Livestock Show Rules:

Information on Entry Forms & Applications:




San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 

Contests Available:

Date of Event

Tell Your Story of Texas Agriculture Video Challenge
Ag Public Speaking 8-Feb
Ag Science Fair 15-Feb
Ag Robotics
Beef Skillathon 12-Feb
Food Challenge 6-Feb
Ag Mechanics Feb 21-23
Ag Mechanics Market Place February 21-23
Landscape Challenge Project Submission- December 15 Finals- February 5
Landscape Skillathon 5-Feb
Meat Science Skillathon 13-Feb
Sheep Skillathon 11-Feb
Swine Skillathon 5-Feb
Junior Shoot-Out Feb 12-16
Floriculture 6-Feb
Dairy Judging 7-Feb
Wool Judging 8-Feb
Meat Judging 9-Feb
Consumer Decision Making 15-Feb
Poultry Judging 16-Feb
Horse Judging 17-Feb
Wildlife Judging 21-Feb
Livestock Judging 23-Feb

San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo- Entries DUE November 15, 2019

All Information for Livestock & Contests:

San Angelo STock Show Premium_book_

Entry Forms: San Angelo Junior_Show_Entry_Form(11)

Entry Forms for Breeding Heifers: San Angelo Heifer_Show_Entry(7)

Entry Forms for Junior Rabbits: San Angelo Junior_Rabbit_Show_Entry_Form(6)

Other Forms for Contests Visit:

San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo

Contest Available:

Date of Event

Livestock Judging 15-Feb-20
Meat Judging 15-Feb-20
Wool & Mohair Judging 15-Feb-20
Wildlife Judging 15-Feb-20
Consumer Decision Making 14-Feb-20
Ag Public Speaking 31-Jan-20
Ag Mechanics February 2-4, 2020
Robotics 31-Jan-20
Food Challenge 22-Jan-20

Rodeo Austin- Entries DUE November 15, 2019

Information Can Also Be Found Here:

Premium Book: RODEO AUSTIN premium_book_10.3.19

Entry Form: Rodeo Austin junior_livestock_show_entry_worksheet

Rodeo Austin

Contest Available:

Date of Event

Poultry Judging 13-Mar
Ag Mechanics March 6-7
Livestock Judging 26-Mar
Calf Scramble 21-Mar

Texas Elite Showcase-Swine Show- Entries Due November 15, 2019




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