Educational Presentations- Virtual

Leon County 4-H Spring Contest VIRTUAL Roundup Videos Below:

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Educational Presentations:

  • Clover Kids:
  • Juniors:

    • M. Downing 4H Education Presentation 3/23/20
      • Morgan Downing is a 4th grader at Leon Elementary and the Second Vice President for her Leon 4H club. Morgan has enjoyed the following 4H projects: Goats (2 years); Ag Product ID (2 years); Consumer Decision Making (1 year); Photography (1 year); Food Show (1 year); Plant ID (1 year); Entomology (1 year); Leaders for Life (1 year) and  Quiz Bowl (1 year). This is Morgan’s first year doing an education presentation. Morgan chose this topic for her Education Presentation since her father is a Captain with the Houston Fire Department and first responder advocacy is important to her. In her free time, Morgan enjoys baking, art, sewing and playing with her horse and goats.
    • Audrey McMullen-
      • Audrey McMullen is a member of Centerville 4H, she competes in archery, photography and educational presentations. Audrey helps care for her families Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. In her free time Audrey enjoys riding her horse, reading, and snuggling baby goats.
    • Eli Currie-
      • Eli is a member of the Centerville 4-H Club!
    • Jevin Gonce-
      • Jevin is a member of the Centerville 4-H Club!
  • Intermediates:

    • Clay Workman-
      • Clay Workman has been a member of the Centerville 4-H club for 4 years. He raises show broilers with his siblings for the Leon County Youth Livestock Show and is a member of the  Leon County 4-H Poultry Judging Team. Clay especially enjoys learning and participating in Ag Product ID. In addition, he also likes competing in Consumer Decision Making and Robotics 4-H competitions. This is Clay’s first Educational Presentation. Clay enjoys reading both fiction and nonfiction books, computer coding, community service, and working with his dad and brothers on vintage trucks. Clay is the 12 year old son of Kyle and Christen Workman.
    • Kyle Workman-
      • Kyle Workman is a member of the Centerville 4-H Club. He is a teen leader for the club Clover Kids program. He also shows broilers at the Leon County Youth Livestock show (4 Years) and is a member of the Leon County 4-H Poultry Judging Team.  Kyle actively participates in the 4-H Robotics team, Ag Product ID, and Consumer Decision Making. This is his first year to present an Educational Presentation. Kyle enjoys giving back to the community through volunteering and community service projects. In his free time, Kyle likes to work with his dad restoring his 1985 Chevy pickup truck, working with tools, and building things while being outside. Kyle is the 14 year old son of Kyle and Christen Workman.
    • Quannah Dudley-
      • Quannah is a member of the Centerville 4-H Club!
  • Seniors:

    • James & Cole-
      • James Bodine is a sophomore at Centerville Jr-Sr High School and an 8 year member of Centerville 4-H Club.  He is also a member of NHS, FFA, FCC, participates in UIL academic events and plays football and baseball for CHS.  On top of serving as a 4-H club officer and council delegate he participates in photography, fashion & design storyboard, consumer decision making, ag mechanics, educational presentation, and raises swine.  He has also participated in ag product ID, livestock judging, and food challenge.  Today he is giving his educational presentation with his partner Cole in the safety & injury  category over ATV safety.
      • Cole has been a member of the Centerville 4-H Club for 9 years and has served as the club President for the past two years.  Cole is Treasurer of the Leon County 4-H Council, Chairman of the 4-H County Advisory Board, and 4-H District 8 Vice Chairman.  Leading by example, Cole has promoted many projects to this club and county by his successful participation in: Leaders 4 Life, Ag Robotics, Ag Product ID, Consumer Decision-Making, Public Speaking, Photography, and Fashion; this is his 7th year to raise a Market Steer.  Cole enjoys reading, playing guitar, snow skiing, and representing Texas Brigades.  He is the 17 year old son of Steven and Cassie Rappolee of Jewett.
    • Kendal Workman-
      • Kendal Workman is an 8 year member of the Centerville 4-H club. She holds the office of club Reporter. Kendal currently serves as a Texas 4-H Water Ambassador where she educates others about the importance of water in Texas. Through the Water Ambassador program, she has traveled the state and has already committed over 100 hours to the program this year. Kendal also has a love for chickens. She shows broilers at the Leon County Youth Livestock show (8 Years). She also leads the Leon County 4-H Poultry Judging Team. She enjoys the many opportunities that the 4-H program provides and participates in Food Challenge, Public Speaking, Leaders 4 Life, Ag Product ID, Consumer Decision Making, and Educational Presentations. Volunteering and community service are also an important part of her 4-H experience. In her free time, Kendal enjoys crocheting, reading, baking, and raising layer chickens. Kendal is the 17 year old daughter of Kyle and Christen Workman.


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